Digital RE and What’s Going ON! December 3 Edition

All RE Event on December 20th during the RE Hour

A Conversation with Dr. Nathaniel Morehouse about the Pagan Roots of Christmas!

All youth and families are welcome to join us during the RE Hour on Sunday, December 20th for a conversation with and presentation from Dr. Nathaniel Morehouse about the roots of Christmas. Dr. Morehouse teaches a course at John Carroll called “The History of Christmas” and I’ve asked him to bring the best insights from the course to us! Come with engaging questions and piqued curiosity!

Parent and Family COVID-19 Check-In & “Download”

This year has put special stress on parents and families. School schedules, after-school programs, daycare fluctuations, work schedules, family gatherings on Zoom, elderly family who we are unable to see––everything has been turned upside down. 

One of the best things about our community is that it gives us a chance to share in our difficulties, to offer supportive ears and hearts to one another, and to get through difficult times together. In that spirit, myself and Caryl Yoo –– who is willing to lend out of her extensive background as a counselor and with the public schools as a social worker –– will be holding a parent and family “download” ***on Zoom on the final Saturday of the month from 9:30 to 10:30 (THIS IS A CHANGED TIME! Also November and December have earlier dates because of the holidays.)*** (Zoom link will be sent church-wide the day before our meeting!)

Our next meeting is on December 19, 2020! Put it on your calendars!
Please come if you are a parent or family member struggling with all of the things that the COVID-19 pandemic has done to our family lives. We’ll talk about stress management, self-care, grace and patience––and most of all we will listen and invite others to listen. This is a chance for families to check in, to lean on community, and to take a breath among friends.

RE Calendar: New Events Recently Added!

We have an RE calendar that is going to be a little different than years previous, so all classes will not meet on all Sundays, and some programs are going to be taking place that are intentionally geared for families, mixed groups, and other times. 

So please keep track of the calendar for the events that you or your family will want to attend! If you have registered, you’ll be getting the email when it comes out. If you haven’t registered yet, please do!