Digital RE and What’s Going ON! March 4 Edition

Some Words About YRE Programming Through The End of the Spring

YRE during Pandemic has proven to be VERY difficult. It turns out that online meetings after weeks of online school are not as fun as we want them to be, or as engaging, or as enriching. 
SO! We have tried to move forward with an awareness that the best things we can do will be to gather in person when we can. It’s tough to manage with Winter being what it has been, but sunshine and thaw are in the future! So, when that happens, our plan is to come up with some events that we can convene that will be fun, out of doors, and a chance to just be together. So, look forward to that! 

ARE Classes Ongoing!!

We are now into a new block of classes––Session 2! So, if you are interested and have not signed up yet, there is still room to join the class with Dr. Allan Georgia––we’re going to explore expressions of religious lament to see what resources it may offer for thinking about contemporary issues and challenges. 

You can find ALL the details here including descriptions of the classes, schedules, and registration!