Food for Our Minds and Spirits: Don’t Look Up

A new film by the director Adam McKay has touched very deeply on issues at the center of UU principles and values. It’s called “Don’t Look Up!” And it is a hilarious, fictional satire that imagines if some of our current social dysfunction was confronted with our literal end when (in the story) astronomer discover that a comet will destroy the earth in 6 months time. See the trailer here.

Politics and social discourse are skewered as the response to this fact hits people differently, and in particular the inanity of human being arguing with one another while a comet speeds to the earth is jarring. At the same time, faith and spirituality is kind of beautifully touched on as it is imagined in deeply personal ways while all the rest of the world goes crazy. (There’s a beautiful reflection on how this part of the film came to be in this story about the movie (spoilers! beware!) from Variety

If you have the stomach for some intentionally upsetting and lampooning satire, this film is a welcome contribution to the conversation about our social discourse. As far as comets go, you’ll also perhaps be relieved to know that the NASA agency depicted in the film actually exists and has mapped all possible near-Earth objects and we’re in the clear, at least for the next few decades!

Allan T. Georgia, M.Div., M.T.S., PhD

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