Food for our Minds and Spirits: The Barbie Movie is for Everyone!

Our amazing young people fell into an amazing conversation about the Barbie movie this past week. What was remarkable is that there was such a variety of opinions and a range of experiences about the film! It was a reminder that part of what helps us grow and evolve as people is not finding agreement, but in discovering how we see things differently and listening to how our feelings speak to our experiences and perspectives.

The Barbie movie is an exceptionally good example of this experience, because it is a rare movie that is able to bring a very specific toy from childhood into conversation with many different kinds of human diversity. The Barbie Movie is for everyone because movies are for everyone, and because our learning and listening to the world is made more rich and more meaningful.

Our youth group is going to gather for a movie night this week (March 13) to explore the Barbie movie and refresh our eyeballs with its pink luminescence. But before that, they are going to help cook the community meal. If you’ve seen the Barbie movie or if you are interested in chatting with our youth group to talk about it, it would be a great chance to connect with them!

Sometimes it is hard to tap into our spiritual selves or find time to nurture our creativity and intellectual curiosity. Here is a section that reflects on some nourishing materials from around the web and related media channels in order to get us thinking, get us feeling, and get us reflecting on the lives we are living in this big world. **Some Adult/Mature Themes May Appear in Links and Other Attached Material**


Allan T. Georgia, MDiv, MTS, PhD