GCC November 8, 2022 Voter Guide!

UUCC is a founding member of Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC). GCC is working to reduce voter confusion and support infrequent voters in becoming re-engaged. GCC provides a non partisan voter guide which may help you understand the system and be helpful in your decisions of who you want to vote for.

Here’s the link to the GCC voter guide, which is relevant to Cuyahoga County.


There are 2 Constitutional Issues on the ballot this fall 2022 that are in conflict with UU Values. Please consider voting NO on Issue 1 and Issue 2.
Issue 1: To require courts to consider factors like public safety when setting the amount of bail, (Official language here )
Why vote against this? Read more

Issue 2: Prohibits local Governments from allowing non-Electors to vote, (Official language here )
Why vote against this? Read More

Vote your values regarding the Ohio Supreme Court Race
Six judicial candidates are running for three seats on the Ohio Supreme Court this November. We have the opportunity as Ohio voters to elect a majority of Justices who will share our values, keep checks and balances in place to protect against extreme politicians, and preserve our rights and freedoms.  What’s at Stake

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) offers their views on these races. Here is the link to their resources

Here is a link to the Supreme Court candidates