How to Submit Articles for the Newsletter & Website

The Weekly Newsletter depends on your contributions. Here’s how to submit an article. 

In a panel at the bottom of each newsletter, there is a link to the UUCC Website/Newsletter Submission Forum. You will be asked to provide: 

  • Title of the article 
  • Date and time (start and end times) if it is an event 
  • Brief writeup of the news (this will go on the website) 
  • A 25-word description for the newsletter written as a teaser to encourage people to click on Read More 
  • The name of the group or person submitting the article 
  • Which part of the Weekly Newsletter (and website) should contain this news? Spirituality, Learning, Community, Justice, News from the Pews. 
  • Your name and contact information in case we need to follow up. 

There is also a place for you to upload a photo if you wish and a box for comments. 

The deadline for submitting the article is midnight Sunday. 

From here, the Website Team takes over. This includes: Molly Watkins and Andrew Watkins (Learning and Spirituality), Jean Martin and Jane Montgomery (Community, News from the Pews), Debbie Wright (Justice) and Webmaster Cat White. The team turns your submissions into content for the UUCC website and the Weekly Newsletter. UUCC Staff Member Sharon Edmond creates the final Weekly Newsletter and emails it to you Thursday afternoon. 

We’re looking forward to getting your news!