New Name Tags with Pronouns

The Membership Committee will begin offering and encouraging the use of pronouns on name tags. If you would like a fresh name tag with your pronouns on it please fill out this nametag request form) and we’ll print a new paper insert for your name tag within a week or two.

Why would someone add their pronouns to their name tag?

Most of us have grown up in a gender binary world. We were taught at a young age to identify boys and girls. We were taught to use “ he” and “she” based on our observation of gender. But sometimes gender identity (the way a person identifies internally in terms of gender) doesn’t always align with their gender expression (the way they look). Gender isn’t as simple as we learned when we were two. Sometimes it’s not obvious what a person’s gender identity is, and sometimes it isn’t just “he” or “she,” it may be “them.” When a person includes their gender pronouns on their nametag, they are simply taking the guesswork away for you! It’s their way of saying “when you refer to me using pronouns (as opposed to using my name), these are the pronouns I’d like for you to use.”

It’s pretty obvious I’m a “She” (or “He”), why should I share my pronouns?

That’s a reasonable question. By sharing your pronouns you make it more comfortable for someone who uses less obvious pronouns to be in our presence. You’re saying “I understand pronouns matter.” It’s a way to welcome that person and to make UUCC a safe place.

It’s hard, what if I make a mistake with someone’s pronouns?

This is going to happen! Anything that is new, or different from what we’re used to, will be challenging—it’s ok. Practice will help – consider practicing with a friend and be open to simple corrections. When you do make a mistake, just apologize for your mistake and for any harm you’ve unintentionally caused, and move on.

Do I have to add pronouns to my nametag?

No. This is an individual choice and whatever your reason, we’ll honor it!

Ready to request your new name tag with your pronouns? Click here!