Ruminations: Wonder

Our theme for December is Wonder. We’ll begin this Sunday with a spiritual grounding that is central to our faith tradition: surrendering to mystery.

Sunday Collection Plate Giving

At UUCC, our mission includes Justice in Action. We strive to actively live the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism. In that spirit, UUCC donates money through our Sunday Collection Plate to groups in our community that are doing work we support. Work that furthers our … read more.

Ruminations: Why


Gratitude is at the heart of some fairly common spiritual practices. Some people keep a gratitude journal. Maybe around a table at Thanksgiving, some gatherings include an opportunity for everyone to name something for which they are grateful.

Some people don’t get a lot out of … read more.


We still have the capacity to be creative and persistent enough to extend genuine hospitality to one another—to express and receive active, unconditional love for one another. In mindfully apportioned, individually wrapped morsels.

Youth RE: We’ve got snacks now!

Now that our YRE classes are meeting on Sundays from 11:30 – 12:30, we are very much into the lunch hour while we are in class. And we want to be very conscientious about our hungry kids!

It doesn’t make sense to provide a full lunch … read more.