Musical Musings: July 3 – July 9, 2022

Music Notes – Sunday, July 3rd:  

This week’s musicians are John Gibbon and UUCC Music Director Mike Carney

John Gibbon began playing the cello in 3rd grade at Onaway Elementary School in Shaker Heights and has continued to study and play throughout his life. In 2010 he … read more.

Ruminations: Timer

I know the picture doesn’t clarify, but that hourglass is set to 10:15am. And that congregant is realizing that worship is about to start at its new time! 

If you’ve served as a delegate for General Assembly, you probably know that there are usually several things … read more.

Musical Musings: June 26 – July 2, 2022

Music Notes – Sunday, June 26th:  

When you’re watching the GA Livestream at UUCC this Sunday, keep a close eye on the choir during the worship service, as you’ll be able to see a couple of familiar faces representing our congregation in song! UUCC’s own Mike … read more.

Sunday Collection Plate Giving

At UUCC, our mission includes Justice in Action. We strive to actively live the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism. In that spirit, UUCC donates money through our Sunday Collection Plate to groups in our community that are doing work we support. Work that furthers our … read more.

Dr. Georgia’s Open Office Hours

Dr. Georgia’s open office hours are back again for the summer!

On Mondays from 2-4pm at the Van Aken District Market Hall! I’ll be there, happy to share a coffee or other drink with anyone who may wish to stop by!

If you want to talk about … read more.

Musical Musings: June 19 – 25, 2022

Special pre-service music this Sunday at 10:45!

Be sure to arrive early to the sanctuary this Sunday, June 19th for special pre-service music from our special guest musician Damian Goggans (see below for more about Damian and his music). See you then! 

Music Notes – Sunday, June 19th:  

This … read more.