RE Begins Sunday, Oct. 10!

Last Chance to Register! ARE Classes Will Be Canceled Without Enough Sign-Ups!

On Sunday, October 10, we are gathering back together, in person at 9:30AM, for YRE AND ARE at UUCC!

We have not been able to be together like this for almost a year and a half! And things are going to be new and unfamiliar to all of us. So a few reminders!

First, please register! Especially for ARE Classes–they will only run if we have enough people signed up! So register now if you haven’t, right here: !

Second, don’t forget that we are meeting at 9:30! Zoom for ARE Courses and in person for YRE!

Finally, we are getting this started after being apart for a while! So, bear with us as we figure things out and work out the kinks! 

See you all on Sunday!