Reopening & Regathering Building Use Guidelines

Guidance through June regardless of CDC/State guidelines

Updated: May 18, 2021

Next Revision: July 2021

UUCC Internal Guidelines

“Internal” includes: Members, Friends, and Visitors to UUCC events

Food and beverages must be either served to individuals or brought for their own needs.

The Gathering Covenant will guide our behavior and decision-making

Gathering Covenant

In gathering together, we promise to:

  • Assume good intentions and use this covenant and congregation policies to guide our actions.
  • Give and accept reminders to the covenant gracefully.
  • Gain consent before touching/hugging others.
  • Wear masks in shared spaces until vaccines are available to all the children.
  • Find ways to be inclusive of adults who cannot be vaccinated.
  • Prioritize the safety of the whole community over our own sense of what is safe for ourselves.
  • Respect the authority of the people making policies.
  • Not gather in person if we are not feeling well, or are not vaccinated and have been exposed to Covid 19.

Outdoor gatherings (including Sunday Services)

  • Social distancing of 6 feet and wearing masks (in a beloved community, masking and social distancing is not asking too much)
  • Color-coded name tags (Green, most comfortable; Yellow, more careful; Red, most cautious) will be used at Services to indicate wearer’s current gathering comfort level (there will be signage with explanations)

Indoor Gatherings

  • Members of Small Groups and Committees to discuss the Small Group Regathering Decision Guide before making room inquiries
  • Safe room capacities, that take social distancing into account, will determine availability:
    • 11-20 people, 3 rooms 
    • 10 people, 1-3 rooms
    • 3-9 people, many rooms
  • Shirley Nelson will assign rooms in consultation with members of Buildings & Grounds
  • Technology options and recommendations for hybrid (combined in-person and remote) gatherings are being developed

External Group Expectations

The term “External Groups” includes both renters and recovery/support groups.

No one-time events (e.g., wedding, funeral) by External Groups lacking prior relationships with UUCC.

UUCC Requires that members of External Groups:

  • Wear masks when in any public space in the building (hallways, restrooms, stairwells, and any space beyond the group’s assigned meeting space).
  • Enter and exit via the doors specified for the room being used.
  • Use the restrooms assigned to the room being used.
  • Stay within the space assigned (don’t wander the building).
  • Refrain from gathering in hallways, stairways, vestibule, and restrooms.
  • Maintain social distancing as practicable within meeting rooms.
  • Encourage members to wear masks in meeting spaces.
  • Respect the workspaces and facilities used by the staff and volunteers.
  • Assume the risk for their own activities.