Reproductive Justice Congregational Organizing for Teams! respond by January 27

Register for our Reproductive Justice Congregational Organizing Series for Teams!
Faith leaders and congregants are expanding their abortion-rights curriculum, partnering with clinics and abortion funds, and ramping up spiritual counseling services for pregnant people who want abortions.

For that reason, we are back again with our transformative three-part Reproductive Justice Congregational Organizing Series.  

This work is not new. It is part of a long history where people of faith work to protect reproductive freedom. For this series, we are strategically identifying teams within congregations to be part of a mobilization strategy to support abortion care networks. In many of our religious traditions, our sacred texts always depict sacred people who resist unjust laws to do justice and to show kindness and compassion to our fellow people. It’s now on us to be the next chapter in history books. We hope that you would consider joining us, once more, and participate with other members of your congregation in our upcoming series.  

Whether you have participated in this series before or are new to reproductive justice organizing, we hope you will join us! Please recruit your congregational team/group and make sure your teammates register for the series by the morning of 1/27/23.   

Reproductive Justice Congregational Organizing Series for Teams
Sundays January 29th, February 12th, & February 19th from  4pm – 6pm ET 

Participation in all 3 sessions is required. 

As we digest the impact of the fall of Roe v Wade, we know that there will be a huge need for local organizing, resource sharing, and collective action as abortion becomes criminalized in various places. By signing up for this three-part series, you are committing to being a part of organizing a TEAM in your congregation that will organize the congregation for specific action(s) in support of abortion access and Reproductive Justice in your community. Everyone who signs up for this series is expected to bring at least one other person from their congregation, with whom you will apply the learning from these sessions immediately in your own context. Facilitated by Rev. Ranwa Hammamy and Charity Howard of the Side With Love Organizing Strategy Team.   

Session 1: The Role of Faith Communities in a Post-Roe World : With SCOTUS overturning Roe, what are faith communities that support Reproductive Justice called to do? We will explore the range of possible responses, and help you make a plan to begin organizing your team, your congregation, and your community.

Session 2: Discerning Risk, Accessing Courage: To work effectively in solidarity with movements, faith communities need to be clear about our capacity, our commitments, and our boundaries. We will talk about levels of risk associated with various kinds of congregational organizing for reproductive justice after abortion is criminalized, and provide tools to map your congregation’s resources and risk tolerance so that your community is prepared to respond quickly and clearly to opportunities for action.   

Session 3: Making an Organizing Plan: Using the learning from sessions 1 & 2 about which actions your faith community/congregation is prepared to take, we will talk about how to create a work plan and strategy for your particular congregational context.

Whether you are in a state where abortion has been criminalized, or a state to which people will come seeking abortion care, there is a role for all of us–and all our congregations–to play, starting right now. The fight is far from over, but we’re grateful to be in it for the long haul with you.

January 20, 2023