Speaker: Dr. Allan Georgia

Covenant is a Verb

What makes our community different from a group of neighbors gathering together? We covenant with one another. Looking back at 4,000 years of religious history, let’s explore what it means to be in covenant. And looking ahead at the years to come, let’s consider what … read more.

Virtual Service: 6.14.20 Time and Time Again

Chalice Lighting
Call to Worship
Wayside Pulpit
Music – Spirit of Life
Joys and Concerns
Chronos and Kairos – Dr. Allan Georgia
Wayside Pulpit
Unison Reading – Sophie Watkins
Toy and the Value of Time-Amy Schwabauer
Offertory Improvisation on Turn, Turn, Turn by Byrds Karin Tooley
Wisdom from the Global Scripture
The Fullness of Time … read more.