Speaker: Kevin Lowry

Jesus, Gandhi, King; Non-Violent Resistance

A Jew, Hindu and Christian come together in a conversation about non-violent resistance in the face of oppressive systems and governments in their time and their place. This conversation may help us find inspiration to ignite a non-violent resistance built on our Unitarian Universalist values.


This Little Light

As Unitarian Universalists our principles and purposes call us to be active in this world to seek justice, love one another, and build a beloved community. How can each one of us make a difference and let our light shine? This Sunday we will explore … read more.

Building Mosaics

As Unitarian Universalists we are mosaic makers. We use the principles and the sources as our foundation, and bring our authentic selves including: the broken, jagged, shiny and pristine pieces as we craft what it means to be part of a whole community. As we … read more.