Speaker: Rev. Dr. Paula R. Cannon Gable

Cupid’s Conundrum

Around Valentine’s Day, our thoughts often turn to relationships. How do we pick the “right” person for a long-term relationship?  Or, perhaps more importantly, how can we BE the “right person”?

Joining Hands & Hearts

As our congregations continue to explore our future together, I am inspired by the possibilities of co-creating something new. At the same time, I’m aware of potential stumbling blocks. As a person who almost literally eats, sleeps and breathes church, I’ll share my thoughts and feelings.

Faith, Hope and Love Abide

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to listen to the news these days.  I feel discouraged by what’s coming out of D.C.  I do not want to live in ignorance, but I do not like the strong negative feelings these broadcasts elicit.  I’ll share my theological … read more.