Speaker: Rev. Dr. Rina Shere

Chalica Week 3

In our third week of celebrating the UU holiday Chalica, we honor the third principle:  Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.   Join us to contemplate the deep roots of our Unitarian Universalist heritage in acceptance of diverse … read more.

The Living Water

September is Suicide Prevention month, a time when we acknowledge the specter of suicide in our society while also strengthening our resolve to build a suicide resistant culture. Join us as we gather in hope and courage to bring love and wholeness.

War and Peace – Our Complicated History

Join us this Sunday as we explore many complex issues surrounding Unitarian Universalism and the military.  Rev. Rina Shere, a chaplain at the Cleveland VA Hospital, will speak about the history of our faith as it relates to the armed forces, offer a space for remembrance, and share … read more.

What Stirs Inside?

What do the words “free” and “responsible” have in common?  Join us this Sunday, February 26th as we explore the role of our personal religious authority as we search for what is true and meaningful in our lives and in the larger world.  How might … read more.