Speaker: Rev. Joe Cherry


Freedom of Choice

Our theological theme this month is Freedom. Some people think of freedom, as well, free, but with freedom comes responsibilities. This first Sunday of April Rev. Joe will be talking to us about the Freedom to Die movement. Guest speaker, Lisa Vigil Schattinger from Ohio … read more.

Aligning Ourselves in Difficult Times

When we feel vulnerable, it is more difficult than usual to be expansive of heart and it can be hard to risk disappointment. On Sunday we’ll look at the work that the UUSC leadership has done in the arena of Right Relationship that we hope … read more.

The First Two Words Are Missing

The theological concept of redemption can be challenging for Unitarian Universalists, mired as it can be in popular culture with the central miracle of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Join us this Sunday as we take the concepts of redemption and turn them in … read more.

Your Minister is Only Human

Just 9 months in advance of the 500th Anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, Rev. Joe will talk about what makes a minister. He will explore the rituals of ordination from several traditions to ask the question: What makes a minister?  Catholicism, Protestant … read more.

Ministry: Stranger than Fiction!

It’s often said that there are some stories so wild that they would be unbelievable if written in a novel. Ministry has many of these moments!  Come on Sunday and hear some stories from Rev. Joe’s career to date. Our theme this month is Religious … read more.

Reflections On A March

This Sunday we will look at what it means for Women’s marches to have sprung up in 80 cities in 40 nations in a collective, cooperative effort to bring a focus on women around the world. Join us this Sunday to hear the words of … read more.

Creativity as Spiritual Practice

If you’re like Rev. Joe, at some point in your life you felt a lot of pressure to develop this thing called a “Spiritual Practice.” Having a spiritual practice, people who are cool and collected say, helps them be cool and collected. For many of … read more.