Virtual Service: 5.31.20 Work Creates a Community

On the UUCC YouTube Channel

On this Sunday, our Second Annual Meeting as a congregation, Debbie Kuehm and Rev. Joe lead a service that will focus on how the work of the lay members of the congregation helps us to create not only beloved community, but the world we wish to live in!

Chalice Lighting
Call To Worship
Music – Gathered Here
Thoughts From the Community
Joys and Concerns
Unison Reading
Thoughts from the Community
Multigen Focus – “Slime” Dr. Allan Georgia
Wayside Pulpit
Music- Somos El barco
Belongin a Courageous Journey – Debbie Kuehm
Acceptance of Gifts
Thoughts from the Community
Sermon – “Moving and Working Together” Rev. Joe Cherry
Music – love Psalm
Wayside Pulpit
End Credits