Speaker: Worship Team

Waiting for God

The worship team will be unpacking the Christian version of Advent, a time of waiting. What, if anything, should we be waiting for when it comes to the intercedence of God or gods?  What is our role and responsibility when it comes to the direction … read more.

Illuminating Evil

This week the Worship Team explores the concept of evil…with a capital E and with a small E…through readings and personal reflections.

Podcast available here.

Heroes and Housewives

The worship team will explore the grand and small ways that each of us may be heroic, and we will celebrate the heroes in our own lives. Consider, what is your “super power?”

Spirituality in Poetry and Song

On June 19th join our Worship Team as they explore the world around us by offering poetry and music for the congregation.

The service will feature favorite poems and favorite UU hymns. Do you have a treasured poem that expresses your philosophy, captures your sentiment, … read more.