The Sue McKimm Fund for Congregational Advancement

The Sue McKimm Fund for Congregational Advancement was created last year by the UUCC Board to make significant investments in a limited number of initiatives that further the mission, vision, and strategic plan of UUCC. These strategic investments could, among other things, support our justice work in the external community, strengthen our internal community, support our spiritual development, maintain/improve our facility, and increase awareness of our congregation in the community. The fund was named to honor UUCC member Sue McKimm, whose bequest primarily funds this activity.

This is a unique and first time opportunity for UUCC. The strategic investments envisioned here are NOT the types of things that can be addressed by a modest expenditure in our annual operating budget or a Sunday plate collection. They are anticipated to be sizable investments of money and congregant time and energy in order to do big things that impact our community, within and without. No one should read this document and think – “Oh, they have plenty of money, why do I need to contribute to the annual stewardship campaign?” These are two totally different “buckets” of funds – the McKimm Fund for major investments, the annual stewardship campaign to support ongoing congregational operations.

The Board has allocated $500,000 for the initial round of funding, with the hope that successful initiatives will prompt further rounds of funding in the future. UUCC has well beyond the two years of budgetary funding in reserve that the board desires to maintain. The McKimm Fund includes some of the additional money beyond that two year allotment.