Frequently Asked Questions

These will be updated on an ongoing basis

  1. I don’t understand! What’s going on?
    a. That’s not asking a question, but that’s ok! This is a totally new thing for UUCC. We will be communicating details over the next weeks, and of course, check the website –
  2. How much is a “significant investment”?
    a. We’re thinking $25,000 to $200,000. If your idea doesn’t need quite that much money, it can still be considered but we’re hoping that proposals will think BIG.
  3. Who is on the team managing this?
    a. The current team members can be found Strategic Investment Task Force
  4. Is this a one-time thing or an ongoing process?
    a. The Board has allocated the initial round of funding, with the hope that successful initiatives will prompt further rounds of funding in the future. There may be changes to the process for future rounds to incorporate lessons learned from the initial round.
  5. What doesn’t fit?
    a. Things that are against our principles, not local (we’re not going to sponsor a community garden in Colorado), anything that puts our tax-exempt status at risk such as partisan political activity
  6. Are you looking for contributions to the McKimm Fund?
    a. The initial round is fully funded! Since we’re still in the early stages of the initial round, we haven’t made plans for future rounds. If you want to contribute to UUCC right now, consider one of the options described
  7. When is everything due?
    a. Here’s a link to the timeline/calendar page – it will always be up-to-date. Timeline/Schedule
  8. What does “voting member” mean?
    a. A “voting member” is anyone who is eligible to vote at UUCC meetings. The bylaws state that the right to vote is limited to those who have been members for at least 90 days.
  9. I’m not a voting member. How can I participate?
    a. You can still have a great idea! You just have to build relationships with other members to join your project. You could also help others with workshopping ideas or implementing a project.
  10. What is the Strategic Investments Task Force?
    a. It is a group of Congregants who have been members of both the former First U and the former UU Society along with staff members of UUCC. They came together to develop a process, and criteria to use in evaluating the value of congregant’s proposals. Those deemed “significant in impact” were forwarded to the board for consideration.
  11. Oh no! I can’t find people to get on board with my idea! Now what?
    a. This will happen sometimes when a project is something you are passionate about, but the congregation isn’t. Also, the congregation has a finite amount of energy and even great projects may need to wait until the next round to build support.
  12. I’ve got an idea and a group, but we don’t know anything about writing an LOI. How do we get help?
    a. Attend one of the LOI work sessions! These are sessions where members working on Letters of Intent can work through and get support from the SIT Force
    LOI Experts. See the Timeline/Schedule for details.
  13. My group needs some one-on-one help with our LOI. How do I get help?
    a. Show up for office hours! These events are an opportunity for congregants to ask questions and get support from member(s) of the Strategic Investment Task Force. See the Timeline/Schedule for details.
  14. Will there be any more help sessions before the LOI deadline?
    a. Yes, there will be final help sessions at the end of January! See the Timeline/Schedule for details.
  15. I have a question that’s not answered here!
    a. Send an email to