The Strategic Investment Task Force (SIT) has invited seven groups who wrote Letters of Intent to develop them into complete project proposals for the McKimm Fund for Congregational Advancement. 

This fund was developed to make significant investments in a limited number of initiatives that further the mission, vision, and strategic plan of UUCC. These project proposals are coming from your fellow UUCC congregants to develop programs and projects that can use these funds to help us connect with one another and the wider community, invest in our building and grounds and act to bring greater justice into our world. 

The invitation for project proposals provides another chance for UUCC people to connect and support these efforts. As these proposals are developed by the original developers of the letters of intent – in collaboration, in some instances, with community partners – and supported by members of the SIT Force, there are a few things for everyone to know:

  • Those who have been invited to make proposals are not guaranteed to be funded – the funds requested by the approved letters of intent are significantly greater than our funding authorization from the UUCC Board
  • We hope to have resources to fund a future round of projects––this is not necessarily the only chance to propose projects.
  • Everyone at UUCC (i.e. you) is invited to be a collaborator with groups whose projects you may be interested in, whether or not you were part of the initial Letter of Intent. There’s still time to get involved!

The following project team have been invited to develop a full proposal for their project:

Water for the Gardens and a Vision for UUCC Grounds
Contact: Debbie Wright / Email:
Team: UUCC Ministry for Earth: Tom Gibson, Dell Salza, Debbie Wright
Community Garden: Russ Fedewa, Marlene Blatnik Freeze
Apple Orchard: Tom Gibson
Perennial Garden: Tom Gibson and Wednesday morning garden crew
UUCC Earth-Centered Spirituality Group: Peggy Lagodny.

Bringing Our Congregational History into the 21st Century
Contact: Bob McKimm / Email:
Team: Archives Group – Debbie Cohen, Jan Devereaux, Linda Homans, Bob McKimm, Pat Solomon, and Sandy Wilson.

Marketing Plan and Project Rollout
Contact: John Bacon / Email:
Team: Marketing Committee: John Bacon, Cat White, Ray Gonzalez, David Kantor, and Wayne Jennings

Insects for Kids: From “Ew!!“ to “Oh!!“
Contact: Tom Gibson / Email:
Team: Cat White, Pete Clapham, Debbie Wright, Claire Brugnoletti, Tom Gibson;
Sponsored by the Ministry For Earth Committee.

Dream No Small Dreams: Partnering with The Cleveland Bail Project
Contact: Pat Dillard / Email:
Team: Erika Brown, Pat Dillard, Nancy King Smith, Christie Manning, Roschelle Ogbuji, Kay Ritter, Mark Weber, Suzanne Zilber, and Louise Mosher

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling
Contact: Dell Salza / Email: dell.salza@andrew-watkins
Team: John Bacon, John Barber, Alison Bashian, Claire Brugnoletti, Roger Buelow, Marlene Freeze, Carol Gibson, Laurie Holmes, Jean Martin, Steve Sanford, Pam Schenk, Nancy King Smith, Debbie Wright, Suzanne Zilber

21600 Youth Community Academy (temporary name holder)
Contact: Heather Craigie / Email: hecraigie@uucc-pride
Team: Heather Craigie, Gabriel Torok, Mary Ellen McNulty

The McKimm Fund is meant to enrich our congregation and expand our impact in our community. But it is also meant to engage all of us, to knit us together as a beloved community through intentional actions and meaningful programs. This means that your involvement is a big part of making the McKimm Fund successful. Please connect with your fellow UUCC members, engage with the SIT Force events to find ways to collaborate, and know that you are invited to weigh in on how the Fund is used through your effort and support!