Taking Action for Reproductive Freedom: How did we do?

Taking action for Reproductive Freedom!
On February 18 and 19, Barbara Hill-Newby and Laurie Albright, with the support of Carol Gay, Pat Solomon, Bill Newby and Cliff Wire, worked with organizers Desiree Burse and Mariah Ross from Protect Choice Ohio to collect a total of 259 signatures. These signatures were combined with others collected at other sites across Ohio.

The proposed language for an Ohio Constitutional Amendment to preserve bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom was submitted on Tuesday February 21, 2023. The summary of the amendment must now go through the Attorney General and the Ohio Ballot Board before the Attorney General can file the amendment and summary with the Secretary of State. The Attorney General has 10 days to respond to the proposed “Ohio Constitutional Amendment to preserve bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom”.

After the amendment is approved and filed, the Protect Choice Ohio and Pro-Choice Ohio will then need to get 413,488 valid signatures from 44 counties before July 5, 2023 in order to have this amendment on the Fall 2023 ballot.

Thank you to all who signed and who spread the word to their networks. Together we can protect our rights,. Hopefully there is more work to be done.