Willows Edge Creations Presents: Jesus Christ Superstar

September 21,22,23, 28,29,30 and October 5,6,7 @ 7:30pm

Willow’s Edge Creations is a new theatre company started by long time friends and new creative partners Mary Miller and Denise Astorino. Willow’s Edge strives to produce theatre with an edge. They are thrilled to be producing their first endeavor, the long running rock musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

Join us as we look beyond and ask: What if?
What if those who held the power (the 1%) abused it and succeeded in driving apart civilization with hate, violence, and oppression?
What if those who defended personal freedoms and basic human rights were driven out or handed a death sentence?
What if those who were driven out came together to create their own occupied community?
What if, as their numbers increased, discontent grew as some began to mobilize while others chose to live in peace?
What if, amidst the growing chaos and fear, they searched for something more to guide them?
What if that “something more” presented itself in the form of one who had been walking among them?

Productions run: Thursday, Friday and Saturday night @ 7:30pm
September 21,22,23, 28,29,30 and October 5,6,7

Location: Cultural Arts Center at Disciples Christian Church
Address: 3663 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

Ticket cost: General Admission: $20