Zoom-In Live! July Guests: Surprise Guest and Mike Carney

A UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! veteran and someone surprising will be the special guests in July on UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! The surprise guest will be appearing on the July 12 show, and Mike Carney, the show’s first guest a year ago, will be the special guest on the July 26 episode.

“We’re celebrating the show’s one-year anniversary a bit early with Mike – our first show was actually at the end of August last year” noted David Kantor, host of UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! “But Mike had scheduling conflicts with our August dates, and was gracious enough to agree to appear on our end of July episode.”

“A lot has happened since the show started,” David continued in a classic understatement. “I’m thinking that our congregants will be really interested to hear how the last year evolved from Mike’s unique perspective.”

“Our special guest for our initial episode in July will be a surprise to all of us. We’ve got a number of things to consider that will drive who the July 12 guest will ultimately be. I’ll be as surprised as everybody else by who this guest is. I CAN say with complete confidence that our audience will not be disappointed, regardless of who the guest ends up being.”

The pre-show begins 10-12 minutes before 8 with a three-song music mix, then follows with David and co-host interviewing the special guest for about 30 minutes. After a short break, the audience asks questions of the guest for the remainder of the show. “The smart folks show up at around 12 minutes before 8 and stay a few minutes after the show ends to listen to the music,” David observed.

The UUCC community is provided with the Zoom link to the show the Sunday before each episode in the early evening. The sender of the link is “Zoom In Live.”