Author: David Kantor

Operations Council Update November 2021

Regathering MattersAir purifiers with HEPA filters acquired and in operation in sanctuary and other areas that may contain larger numbers of people to optimize indoor safetyAdditional units being orderedRefinements being made to indoor worship service operations routinely as issues are being identifiedExample: Blue “x” denoting … read more.

2021-08-23 Zoom-In… LIVE! Guest: Joy Partain

Join us Monday at 8 pm as Joy Partain is the guest on Zoom-In…LIVE! You won’t be disappointed! Claudia Victoroff will be co-hosting along with show host, David Kantor.

“And if you think that one Partain makes for a good show, I’ll agree with you, so we’re going to … read more.

2021-07-26 Zoom-In… LIVE! Guest: Mike Carney

A UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! veteran will be the special guest on July 26. Mike Carney, the show’s first guest a year ago, will be the special guest.

“We’re celebrating the show’s one-year anniversary a bit early with Mike – our first show was actually at the end … read more.

2021-07-12 Zoom-In… LIVE! Guest: Shirley Nelson

“Shirley Nelson, Congregational Administrator, will be the special guest on the July 12 episode of UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE!, show host David Kantor announced. The episode will air from 8 to 9 pm eastern time.

“Many of us interact with Shirley on a regular basis, given her role,” … read more.

2021-06-14 Zoom-In…LIVE! Guest: Lou Salza

Lou Salza, who among other things, is a member of our Ministerial Search Task Force, will be appearing on the June 14 show.

“Many people know Lou because he’s married to Dell” joked David Kantor, host of UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! “But seriously, Lou is involved in a … read more.