Zoom-In Live! June Guests: Lou Salza and Joan Orr

Lou Salza, who among other things, is a member of our Ministerial Search Task Force, and longtime UU member Joan Orr, will be the special guests in June on UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! Lou will be appearing on the June 14 show, and Joan will be the special guest on the June 28 episode.

“Many people know Lou because he’s married to Dell” joked David Kantor, host of UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! “But seriously, Lou is involved in a wide variety of activities that keep our congregation moving forward, whether it’s being a member of the Ministerial Search Task Force or co-chairing the Stewardship Committee. He approaches all of this with a spirit of humility and grace, with high energy and a sense of humor. His personal journey, which includes a stint in Hawaii, will be of great interest to all. I personally am interested in his perspectives on Steve McGarrett and the rest of the Hawaii 5-0 team.” 

“Joan, of course, has been a member of First Unitarian and UUCC for a REALLY long time. She’s seen EVERYTHING that the rest of us have – typically twice,” David said with a grin. “She’s one of those folks with a healthy long term perspective about Unitarian Universalism and life in general that we all can learn from.  And, for those of our fellow congregants that don’t know this about Joan, she’s a mega-world traveler who probably could give some tips to Rick Steves. So, it’s fair to say that Joan’s observations – from multiple perspectives – about her journey will be of interest to all.”

The pre-show begins 10-12 minutes before 8 with a three-song music mix, then follows with David and co-host interviewing the special guest for about 25 minutes. After a short break, the audience asks questions of the guest for the remainder of the show. “The smart folks show up at around 12 minutes before 8 and stay a few minutes after the show ends to listen to the music,” David observed.

The UUCC community is provided with the Zoom link to the show the Sunday before each episode in the early evening. The sender of the link is “Zoom In Live.”