Zoom-In Live! March Guests: Peggy Lagodny and Laurie Albright

Two women who have been instrumental in the reunification of UUCC and/or the spiritual and justice activities of our congregation highlight the UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! agenda for March. Peggy Lagodny will be featured on the March 8 episode, and Laurie Albright will be the special guest on the March 22 show. UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE airs 8-9 pm eastern time on both dates.

“Peggy is most visible to many of us these days as a major contributor during our Sunday worship services,” David Kantor, host of the show, noted. “There’s a lot to explore about her spiritual journey and her current beliefs that will be of great interest to our viewers.”

“But there’s obviously much, much more to Peggy than that,” David continued. She was a governing body leader at the Society, and was a member of the Reunification Task Force that developed the terms for the Society and First U to reunify.”

“Our second guest in March is a low-key individual who most folks barely know,” David jokingly said with a straight face.  “Laurie Albright is one of our congregation’s most significant leaders, just as she was at First Unitarian. She’s one of our most trusted congregants, which led to her selection to the Ministerial Search Task Force, and was asked by the team to be the co-leader. She was also one of First U’s congregational leaders, having served as Board President (twice!) and being involved in a wide range of congregational activities.”

 “I’m guessing, though, that Laurie will want to spend a fair amount of her time with us discussing her justice activities in the larger community,” David observed.  “She’s been a major driver of our congregation’s involvement with Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) – just like she was previously at First U. I could mention more things, but there isn’t enough room in The Hawk for a complete list. People who want to know more will just have to attend the show.”

The pre-show begins 10-15 minutes before 8 with a three song music mix, then follows with David and co-host interviewing the special guest for about 25 minutes. After a short break, the audience asks questions of the guest for the remainder of the show. “The smart folks show up at around 12 minutes before 8 and stay a few minutes after the show ends to listen to the music,” David observed.

The UUCC community is provided with the Zoom link to the show the Sunday before each episode in the late afternoon/early evening. The sender of the link is “Zoom In Live.”