Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) Update

Many attended the required training for signature gatherers with Molly Martin from Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) on Sunday, March 24. This was a kick-off to another Good Trouble campaign. UUCC’s goal is to collect at least four hundred signatures toward GCC’s goal of 20,000 in 60 days. So, let’s keep gathering those signatures to end gerrymandering in Ohio! Join us for 60 Days of Action to collect signatures and connect with other leaders to make change.
Missed the required petition gathering training on March 24?   Here are your options:

Or, listen to this  recording, look at these slides, and then take this online quiz.

Sign up to volunteer at various locations and see available events and slots organized by GCC from now through May 12:

If you are participating—or plan to participate—please inform Laurie Albright ( or a GCC Core Team member when you see them at church.

Next Action
GCC’s Pre-Trial Justice Team is planning an action for May 7th at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church. The 7pm action will be in person and on Zoom. Stay tuned for more information!

Why are People in Jail Before Trial?
Not for punishment because they have not been convicted. Most people are in jail before trial because:
-They are too poor to pay bail.
-They have mental health and/or addiction issues.
-They were arrested for non-violent crimes.

What’s wrong with jail before trial?
-It violates the rule of law – the presumption of innocence and the constitution’s prohibition against excessive bail.
-It harms individuals and their communities, is costly, and does not protect public safety.

What are alternatives?
-Providing pretrial services that:
* Investigate and recommend alternatives to jail, such as diversion and supervised release.
* Ensure that people come to court for scheduled dates.
* Help people to keep and/or get jobs, housing, families, transportation, and other resources.
* Protect public safety because people are less likely to re-offend.

Why Should You Attend this Public Hearing?
-You will hear how the pretrial process currently works in our County and learn research-based, data-driven best practices for pretrial services and join other GCC and community members in publicly calling for a more just and effective pretrial system – to reduce jail before trial. You will learn how we can do better!

Thank you!
UUCC GCC Core Team