Ruminations: Paint

The games are perfectly playable with bland gray pieces. There’s nothing necessary about the process of painting the miniatures. But it’s a satisfying process. And the end result is something that usually brings us pride and delight.

I often help fund games that have a lot … read more.

Ruminations: Firefly

There were dozens of fireflies in our back yard one evening. I saw the blinking glow through a window, stopped whatever movie I was watching, and stood looking out at their slow strobing on and off.

Then I went outside to be in the midst of … read more.

Food for Our Minds and Spirits: Indefatigable

I’ve been thinking a lot about courage and resilience.  Those weren’t quite the words I was looking for, but I started there. It hardly needs mentioning why these words seem like important personal resources. The challenges facing so many of us in Cleveland, in Ohio, … read more.

Ruminations: Timer

I know the picture doesn’t clarify, but that hourglass is set to 10:15am. And that congregant is realizing that worship is about to start at its new time! 

If you’ve served as a delegate for General Assembly, you probably know that there are usually several things … read more.

Sunday YRE Class for K – 5!

For the first time in a long time, we’ll be having a Summer Sunday morning YRE class for elementary age students! Our awesome teacher, Amy Schwabauer will be leading our exploration of a Magical Summer (based on a new curriculum from Soul Matters). 

This will take … read more.