Food for our Minds and Spirits: Magical Abilities

Accessibility is one of the crucial questions of the age. How people have equitable access is a question that has matured into an all-encompassing way of understanding the world. Racial and class difference, ableist assumptions, transportation availability, hidden social norms––all kinds of forces conspire to … read more.

Adult Religious Ed. Winter/Spring 2023

Our ARE sessions for the Winter/Spring of 2023 are gathering together! Here are some of the opportunities that are coming up! Dates and specifics are above. More detailed explanation below!

Soul Matters: Coffee and Conversation about our Service and its Themes

Each week, we’ll have a discussion … read more.

Chalica 2023! Reflect on our UU Values!

Chalica is underway––our time of the year to bring some light into the short days of Winter and reflect on the values that inform our lives as Unitarian Universalists.

This year, we are going to invite our congregation into some spiritually enriching, at home practices and … read more.

Food for our Minds and Spirits: Sabbath as Center

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Sabbath lately, especially since revisiting the study by Abraham Joshua Heschel based on a recent podcast episode. We talk about “sacred spaces” sometimes as a thing that gets created through intention and purpose of people. But maybe “sacred … read more.

Shirts and Ties to Support Incarcerated Young Men

Our expectations around professionalism make appearance and dress an important part of navigating jobs and educational opportunities, and young people who have been incarcerated need support as they transition. Sometimes justice work comes in big picture causes and activism. And sometimes it comes in the … read more.