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Immigrants: Burden, Blessing, Duty?

Immigrants: Burden, Blessing, Duty?

In person or on Zoom Speakers: James Nichols, and Dana Beveridge, both Staff Attorneys, Migration and Refugee Services, Cleveland Catholic Charities.  Major religions affirm a duty to the displaced. Our ... Learn More

Making End of Life Decisions: What are the Options in Ohio?

Speakers: Lisa Vigil Schattinger, MSN, RN, founder of Ohio End of Life Options (OELO); Ann Rowland, retired Assistant US Attorney, board member, OELO. Several states have statutes permitting Medical Aid ... Learn More

Why Is It So Expensive to Be Poor?

Speakers: Emily Campbell, President & CEO, Center for Community Solutions; Chris Knestrick, Executive Director, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH). In the past 50 years there have been dramatic ... Learn More

Monopolies: Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft

Speakers: Jenny Hawkins, Associate Professor of Economics, Weatherhead School of Management, CWRU, in conversation with Anet Alon-Beck, Associate Professor, School of Law, CWRU. Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are the ... Learn More

Guns, Violence, Public Safety: What’s Happening Locally?

In person or on Zoom Speakers: Jarod Schlacht, Commander #6138, Cleveland Division of Police, First District; Rachel Lovell, Director, Criminology Research Center, CSU Black Americans are 10 times more likely ... Learn More

Fair Districting: How to Stop Gerrymandering

In person or on Zoom Speakers: Ohio State Sen. Nickie Antonio(D-23), Ohio Redistricting Commission Co-Chair and Senate Minority Leader; Annette Tucker Sutherland, Shaker Heights Chapter Chair, League of Women Voters ... Learn More

The Real Story About Drag Story Hour

In person or on Zoom Speaker: Veranda L’Ni, Drag Entertainer; Administrator, Drag Story Hour Cleveland Chapter; Creator, current Drag Pride flag; Author, Reader’s Digest article. Drag performances, once limited ... Learn More

Ohio Post-Election Analysis: Where Are We Now? 

Join in person or via Zoom Speaker: J. Cherie Strachan, PhD, Director, Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, Political Science Professor, University of Akron. History will mark the Fall ... Learn More

Helping Kids Understand Gender Diversity: Are There Consequences?

Join in person or via Zoom Speaker: Vanessa Jensen, PsyD, Psychologist, Director, Cleveland Clinics GUlDE program, which provides support for youth questioning gender identity. While Americans are generally unified in ... Learn More
Relinquished: The Politics of Adoption and the Privilege of American Motherhood (Discussion)

Relinquished: The Politics of Adoption and the Privilege of American Motherhood (Discussion)

Part 2 of 2-Part Special Forum Event In a political moment in Ohio where adoption is often invoked as an abortion alternative, what can we learn from the experiences of ... Learn More