Finance Committee

Committee of the Board that oversees UUCC finances. The Finance Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Contact: Don Stimpert (email)

2023-24 Finance Committee:

  • Don Stimpert, chair
  • Mark Assel
  • John Bacon
  • Carol Gay
  • Ray Gonzalez
  • David Kantor
  • Sue Lencewicz (bookkeeper)
  • Shane Millette
  • Randy Partain (minister)
  • Lou Salza

The committee shall advise the Board regarding financial policies and procedures, and may include members who are not Trustees. The President shall appoint a Finance Committee Chair from the Members of the Congregation. The Chair will be the liaison with the Board. One member of this committee may be designated Assistant Treasurer. The committee shall have supervision over all financial affairs of the Congregation. The committee shall prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board; the Board will review, modify, and submit the budget to the Membership at the Annual Meeting. All fundraising activities must be approved by this committee. The following are subcommittees of this committee, all of which may include Members who do not serve on the Board, or Friends:

A Stewardship Committee shall direct the annual fund drive.

A Heritage Committee: This committee is responsible for developing programs to assure appropriate giving, e.g. bequests, by Members for purposes other than the support of the Congregation’s regular operating expenses.

A Capital Campaign Committee shall direct both major and minor (i.e., “cheerful project”) capital campaigns

From the UUCC Code of Regulations