Leadership Development Committee

Committee that develops and implements plans to support members who are interested in evolving into leadership roles within UUCC and identifies and nominates individuals for positions that require a Congregational vote.

Contact: leadership.development@uucleveland.org

2023-24 Leadership Development Committee:

  • Laurie Albright (2022-24)
  • Dawn Arrington (Board of Trustees liaison 2023-24)
  • Heather Craigie (2023-25)
  • Jess Levy (Board of Trustees liaison 2023-24)
  • Claudia Victoroff (2023-25)
  • Caryl Yoo (2022-24)

The Leadership Development Committee shall: (a) meet with prospective Trustees and recommend the slate of candidates for election and re-election to the Board; (b) identify and cultivate Members to serve as officers, Board members, and other leadership roles in the Congregation; (c) implement recommendations of the Board regarding the overall composition of the Board to ensure members represent diverse viewpoints and skillsets; (d) consult with committee chairs regarding potential non-board committee members that have potential to serve in leadership roles; and (e) develop and implement process for, and conduct, periodic leadership training for Members of the Congregation.

The Leadership Development Committee shall consist of six (6) members. In total, four members of the Committee, to be divided into two classes, each to serve staggered two-year terms, shall be elected by the voting Members present at the Annual Meeting from candidates nominated by the Leadership Development Committee, by petition as specified by these Regulations, or by nomination from the floor. Of these four members, except as noted below, two shall be elected at each Annual Meeting. In addition, two members shall be appointed by the Board from among its members, at its first meeting following each Annual Meeting, to serve for a period of one year. One Board appointed member will serve as Board liaison and may not be the chairperson of this committee. Upon adoption of these Regulations, and only for the initial composition of the Leadership Development Committee, four Committee members, divided into two classes, shall be elected by the Members, with one of the classes of elected members serving for an initial term of one year in order to establish the ongoing schedule of staggered two-year terms as set forth above.

Election to the Leadership Development Committee shall require at least two years’ Membership in the Congregation. A member of the Leadership Development Committee shall not serve in any other elective position except for the two members appointed by the Board. In addition, no person shall be eligible for re-election within a period of two years of having completed one term on the committee. In this regard, anyone having served greater than one year will be considered to have served one term.

Any vacancy occurring in the Leadership Development Committee shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Trustees, provided that the composition of the committee is maintained as described herein. As soon as feasible after its membership is fully determined, the Leadership Development Committee shall meet and elect one of its members, other than one who is also a member of the Board of Trustees, as Chairperson.

From the UUCC Code of Regulations