Our fourth UU principle calls us to a Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning.

Adult Religious Education (ARE) “sessions” are 6 weeks each––this means that each class is just a 6 week commitment. These courses coincide with Youth Religious Education classes and take place during the RE Hour––from 9:30 AM–10:30 AM on Sunday Mornings beginning Sunday, October 10th. That way everyone has access to ARE courses. We hope EVERYONE feels welcome to join.

Fall 2021 ARE Course Offerings – Starting October 10th

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Adult courses have been developed right alongside our youth courses––all of which will take place during our RE hour on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30, on Zoom!

What We Believe: The Credo Class for Adults –– Melissa Vandergriff and David Kantor 

(Capped at 8 students, and takes place over two sessions!)

Credo offers students the opportunity to explore your fundamental concerns in a small group facilitated by your fellow congregants, Melissa Vandergriff and David Kantor. Some of the questions we explore are: How do you describe your “ultimate concerns?” How do you view God…or not view God? Heaven and Hell? Good and evil? Regardless of your perspective – humanist, theist, atheist, or something else – you’ll have the opportunity to explore and share your perspective with a small group of fellow searchers. At  the close of this seven session workshop, you’ll have the opportunity, at your option, to share your credo during a Sunday service. Whether or not you share publicly, you can expect to increase your awareness of your own beliefs and get better acquainted with fellow congregants doing the same thing.

Religion on the Radio: Spirituality in Pop Music –– Dr. Allan Georgia and Molly Watkins

Have you ever found yourself singing along with a song you love––maybe while driving, with the windows down, or with headphones in on a long hike––where you feel like the deepest part of you has connected to the universe in a way that only music can? Join Allan and Molly in an exploration for the unexpected ways that popular music of all kinds can tap into our spiritual selves and bring us into a deeper level of connection with the music and with the world around us. This will be a chance to notice things you may not have noticed before, as well as a chance to share music that speaks to your innermost self.