Our fourth UU principle calls us to a Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning.

Adult Religious Education (ARE) “sessions” are 6 weeks each––this means that each class is just a 6 week commitment.

Adult courses have been developed right alongside our youth courses. Most ARE classes meet during the RE hour, from 9:30-10:30 on Sunday mornings. Some are virtual and some are in person

Spring 2022 ARE Course Offerings

Spiritual Practices, with Rev. Randy Partain and Roschelle Ogbuji, April 3 – May 8, 2022

“The Wire,” Social Justice and our UU Principles, with facilitators Dr. Allan Georgia and Bob Horan, March, 2022

Parent Gathering Sunday Mornings, Feb. 6 – May 22, 2022

What We Believe: The Credo Class for Adults, Part 2, Jan. 9 – Feb. 27, 2022

The Eighth Principle – Led by members of the Racial Justice Leadership Team, Jan. 9-Feb. 6, 2022