Operations Council Update August 2021

Meetings: 2021-07-01 and 2021-07-15

Items which were addressed by the Operations Council during our recent meetings:

We will continue to have outdoor Sunday Services (weather permitting) throughout the summer and early fall. But with the Covid-19 Delta variant spreading widely, the ReGathering Committee is urging all Congregants to wear masks and sit in pods when attending Sunday Services. Masks and colored name tags indicating how close individuals want to be others will be provided at the Welcoming Table (and please bring your own lawn chairs).

The Sanctuary sound system needs to be evaluated and likely replaced. We have begun the process to solicit bids and expect to have a much improved if not new sound system by this fall.

Our building security system is being upgraded with new cameras that will cover more of the interior of the building. The building will continue to be locked most hours during the summer, just ring the door bell and you will be let in during regular building hours.

We have ordered a 20-foot by 30-foot tent which will be left up for the summer and early fall. 

If you have not visited our web page www.uucleveland.org please do so. It is much improved with lots of important information. We are looking for tech savvy volunteers to help with time limited tech and social media projects. Please contact David Kantor for more information.