RE Registration for All Ages

We’re getting things organized and prepared for what we hope will be a full and in-person Fall at UUCC (as much as possible and flexibly as we navigate being in person for worship.)

And RE Registration is NOW LIVE!! (We ran a little late last week adding functionality to the form. But it’s here now!)

RE is for ALL AGES, so please think about how you’d like to learn and grow––whatever age you may be––in the coming year. While we are only sharing YRE registration now, Adult RE registration will be shared soon!

Take a moment to get reacclimated to a world where we can meet in the confines of safety in person, where we can be in fellowship with one another, and where we go back to fostering the beloved community that we all hope to bring into this world and into our lives!

Planning for how we will gather is still evolving alongside the church’s plans about regathering in person for worship. So you can expect UUCC to be in touch with details about RE, worship and all kinds of other things as this Fall evolves. But for now, you are invited to register in preparation for what we hope will be a rich and engaging year!