Bread Ceremony: Crumbs

Fasting has a long history as a spiritual practice. Some think of fasting as self-denial, and we might have a whole array of reactions to that idea. Others seek a deeper spiritual connection through intentionally removing something from their lives for a time. But what do we do when fasting is less of a personal choice? How can times of fasting that we do not choose for ourselves still offer spiritual value?  

In accordance with our pandemic protocols, we invite you to bring bread to share, individually portioned and separately wrapped. This will be distributed after the ceremony as people leave the sanctuary. Watch the video below for more information. If you are unable to bring bread, that is okay as well. All are welcome to join us!

Worship Leader: Rev. Randy Partain

Worship Associate: Pat Solomon

This week’s Music Notes

Watch as Rev. Randy Partian explains why our new bread protocols exist, and how they are an act of love.
Link to video of the service