Speaker: Rev. Dr. Randy Partain

Bread Ceremony: Crumbs

Fasting has a long history as a spiritual practice. Some think of fasting as self-denial, and we might have a whole array of reactions to that idea. Others seek a deeper spiritual connection through intentionally removing something from their lives for a time. But what do we do … read more.

With Liberty and Justice for All

As we delve into this month’s theme of “holding history,” we consider the ramifications of a rather unique aspect of our justice system: The U.S. cash bail system, which is known to discriminate against people with fewer financial resources and people of color. How do our … read more.

They Are With Us Still

We invite you to bring a photo or memento of those you wish to honor or memorialize to place on our community table of remembrance. 

In many ways, our ancestors remain with us. They live on through the legacy of our lives. We might say … read more.

Put This Song on Replay

We all have some habits and routines. We probably do a lot of things without really thinking. We just do what we’ve grown accustomed to doing. Sometimes, though, our habits and routines outlive their usefulness. We might recognize places where we want to grow or change. Cultivating … read more.

Permission Granted

As we recognize the importance of Coming Out Day (October 11), we also take time to consider how we show up in our various relationships. Are we honest and authentic about what we need and what we have to offer? Do we put on masks … read more.