Speaker: Rev. Dr. Randy Partain

Obscured Vision and Funhouse Mirrors

Human beings are relational by our very nature. We rely on others to hold up a mirror and help us become aware of obscured spots in how we show up. But some reflections are distorted, like mirrors at a carnival funhouse. How do we distinguish the trustworthy mirrors in our lives and allow them to invite us to a more centered way of being?

What “Therefore” is There For

How can the very active commitment to affirm and promote something invite us toward a personal creative vision? As a community, our vision for the future might flow naturally from the powerful life-affirming values we hold in common.

The North Star Within Us

In this special service introducing January’s theme of Finding Our Center, we engage in a spiritual practice to help us return to our personal center so that we remain nourished as we do the work of nurturing the world around us toward greater wholeness.

An Infinite Unwrapping

On Christmas Day, many households around us will have floors littered with wrapping paper. Of all the gifts we might give and receive, though, we each hold something that the world needs. We can hold it close and protect it. Or we can share it … read more.

Love Came Down at Christmas

We celebrate Christmas Eve as a community with a single service this year, continuing the tradition of our Tableaux and holiday music as we consider together why the birth and message of Jesus is still deeply meaningful to Unitarian Universalists. We also welcome you into … read more.

Values Beyond Words

As a national association of congregations, we are exploring what it might mean to revise a portion of our bylaws that defines our shared principles and sources. In other words, we are considering whether our current covenant reflects who we aspire to be as Unitarian … read more.