Flower Ceremony + Annual Meeting

Outdoor Service – Please bring chairs and a flower or two to share. (We will have some extras of both chairs and flowers.)

A ceremony innovated by Norbert Čapek for a specific spiritual community became a meaningful tradition for Unitarian Universalists everywhere. We bring flowers as sacred gifts to one another. Just as we bring our diverse talents and unique personalities into community with one another as heartfelt gifts. We celebrate this special ceremony on the East Lawn.

When we celebrate important occasions, such as Flower Communion, we may not remember that about 67% of the flowers imported into the United States come from the mountainous fields of central Colombia. It is here that flower workers and their families work from dawn to dusk in every kind of weather for low wages and without any medical benefits. Without unions or any kind of legal protection, these families of flower workers depend on meager wages from the large flower companies in order to survive.

See you in-person Sunday morning. Services will also be live-streamed on Facebook or on YouTube.

Worship Leader: Rev. Dr. Randy Partain

Worship Associate: Greg Nosan