On the Sixth Day

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Animal Blessing — Rev. Joseph M Cherry

I invite you now to touch your pet,
Take their paw, their claw, 
Metaphorically take their fin through the water,
And smile at them.

Touch them.
Pet them as you’re able, and while you are petting them,
Focus love energy into them.

They are like and not like us.
They depend on us to feed and care for them.
We depend on them for companionship

They teach us life lessons
Lessons about responsibility

So many wonderful lessons.

While continuing to focus on your love for them, repeat after me.

Dear One,
My love for you is like no other.
There will never be another you in my life
You are unique

You have your own story.
You have your own will.
You have your own way of loving me.

Dear One,
I am grateful for our time together.
I am grateful to come home to you
I am grateful to wake up in a home where your heart beats, too.

You make your own mistakes
You make your own adventures
You have your own way of seeing life.

Dear One,
Some time in the future, our time together will end.
This fills me with great sadness.
I don’t know if you know this, but I do.
And this reminds me to treasure you now.

Your ability to love
Your ability to forgive
Your ability to play

Dear One,
You teach me so much
You are one of my teachers
And I am grateful.