Tending Covenant Team Nominations

Do you know someone in the congregation who you would trust to help in a conflicted situation? The UUCC Board of Trustees is looking for inaugural congregants to join the UUCC Tending Covenant Team.

Composed of dedicated lay leaders, and aligned with our existing ministries, this team will guide us in practicing open communication and creative conflict resolution based on mutual consent. Team members will embody qualities such as deep listening and humility.

The selection process is similar to the process for selecting the ministerial search committee. The board is asking for you to recommend up to 3 individuals for this new team. Please click this link to complete a short questionnaire.

Please submit your response by the end of the day on Wednesday, Sept 20th.

Please reach out to Barbara Jones, Jess Levy, or Kathleen Binning should you have any questions.

In covenant, The UUCC Board of Trustees