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YRE Happenings

YRE during Pandemic is VERY difficult. Online meetings after weeks of online school are not as fun or engaging or enriching as we want them to be. 

We understand that the best things we can do are to gather in person when we can. Now that … read more.

A Time To Explore Religious Traditions

This past week in the April newsletter, I posted the following, discussing how this time of putting our whole lives online will prove to be a valuable period to see what other faith traditions are doing:

“…Wisdom from the world’s religions which inspires us in our … read more.

Chalica Week 6 – Peaceful, Fair and Free

Chalica – Week Six

Chalice Lighting

As we light this chalice,

May its flame consume the forces of violence in the world;

May its heat warm the chill of misunderstanding and hate;

May its light brighten the lives of the sick of heart and mind.

Chalice, burn with the fire of … read more.