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Photos Needed for May 2 Service

The Worship Service on May 2nd centers on silver linings from the pandemic, recognizing that this year has been a year like no other. If you have photos of yourself and/or your family this past year enjoying family time, alone time, or other successes … read more.

YRE Happenings

YRE during Pandemic is VERY difficult. Online meetings after weeks of online school are not as fun or engaging or enriching as we want them to be. 

We understand that the best things we can do are to gather in person when we can. Now that … read more.

Notes from our DRE April 2021

Grieving in Public

Dr. Allan Georgia, Director of Religious Education

Hello UUCC Members & Friends!

Most religious traditions involve expressions of
lament––public grief aimed to be heard by god
and others in order to express a sense of outrage
and real emotion. This isn’t measured speech ––
this is verbalized … read more.