How to Write Articles for the Weekly & the Website

The UUCC Weekly Newsletter is the 25-word blurb that advertises the full content of the Website article. A link at the end of the blurb connects them. A previous Website article explained how to use the submission form for both. It also notes the submission deadline is Sunday at midnight.

Here are best practices in writing the content.Your information should follow the basic tenets of journalism:

  • Who is involved and/or whom should the reader contact?
  • What is your subject? 
  • Where will it take place and where can people get more information? 
  • When will it take place?
  • Why should we care about this? 
  • How will it happen? 

Weekly Newsletter Content

Write a 25-word (or shorter) blurb that includes enough information to both introduce the topic and entice the reader to click on the Website link to the full article. 

Website Content

Write an expanded article. Step into the role of an observer to see if you’ve supplied all the information a reader would want. Take another look and determine if you could tighten up the wording to make it more readable. 

Please refer to the style guide when writing your article.

Thanks in advance for making our jobs easier.

  • Cat White, Webmaster
  • Molly Watkins & Andrew Watkins, Learning & Spirituality
  • Jean Martin & Jane Montgomery, Community & News from the Pews
  • Debbie Wright, Justice