Shared Ministry

Congregations often have a Committee on Ministry. Specifics vary as to how this kind of committee might engage with the rest of the congregation. A model that is yielding meaningful results in supporting authentic, thriving spiritual communities is shared ministry

Shared ministry is a way of understanding community. As minister and congregation, we are in a partnership—a collaboration—to manifest our mission and vision, which is a specific expression of the larger mission and vision of Unitarian Universalism. As members of this congregation, you are also in partnership with one another, co-creating a community in which we all hope to experience belonging, meaningful purpose, deepening spirituality, and unconditional love. In other words, we participate in ministry with and for one another. Shared ministry.

So, to honor the complex needs that arise from this aspect of our community, we are exploring how a Committee on Shared Ministry might strengthen our collaborative muscles and help all of our teams and committees operate more effectively, and with more intentional connections to one another.

If you are leading a ministry team or committee this year, you’re likely to get a phone call or email sometime soon from a member of the Committee on Shared Ministry. Our hope is that you’ll be able to connect with this person once a month or so, to see what ministerial support your team may need, as well as how our various teams and committees can support one another’s efforts. Ideally, it’s an opportunity to have a conversation with someone you like about a community you both value.

If you’re not in a leadership role yet, but you’re exploring ways you might be more meaningfully engaged with the life of the Congregation, we’ve got a real treat in store for you. On September 11, after our Ingathering Water Ceremony, we’re holding a Ministry Fair, where you can see all of the different ways to be involved at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland. Tables will be set up in the Fellowship Hall so you can talk to passionate people about opportunities to dive in, or possibly discover new areas of ministry to explore.

Over time, we hope that a Committee on Shared Ministry will help all of our teams and committees do satisfying ministry, in deep connection with all the other moving parts of our community. And I personally hope that it will help me know where my energy can be most meaningfully directed.

Who is on the current Committee on Shared Ministry? I’m glad you asked! Jackie Stimpert, Mary Schatzman, Mike Miller, Laurie Holmes, and Laurie Albright are your current Committee on Shared Ministry. Each of them has a portfolio of teams and committees they’re committed to support, and they’ll be reaching out proactively to get those conversations started. 

Conversations with members of the Committee on Shared Ministry aren’t intended to replace conversation and connection with me. I remain the biggest fan of your team, and I’m eager to know how I can be of support as we continue to journey together. Please reach out anytime to share what’s on the horizon for your ministry or to discover new ways you can engage in fulfilling shared ministry as a part of our congregation.