Ministerial Search

February Search News

Search Committee Update

Dear UUCC Members and Friends,

The Ministerial Search Committee is busy with all of the things you might imagine a search committee should be doing: reading, listening, meeting, calling, and yes–interviewing! We are in the process of working thoughtfully through the steps UUA requires … read more.

January Search News

Search Committee Update

Happy New Year!

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the work that has been completed thus far in the ministerial search process.  The first phase of the search benefited from participation of UUCC members in completing a comprehensive survey, and attending interactive … read more.

Beyond Categorical Thinking Follow-up


Thanks to the approximately 50 people who attended the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop on Saturday, Dec. 12th and for everyone who tuned in to the follow-up service on Sunday, also featuring Rev. Keith Kron from the UUA Transitions Office. One of the exercises we were challenged … read more.

December Search News

Dear Congregation,

Your ministerial search team is doing the final editing of our Congregational Record, a huge undertaking that will be very satisfying to hit the “submit” button on, so it may be reviewed by the Transitions office at the UUA before it is launched into … read more.

The Search Process

You know the people on the slate to be voted on to form our Search Committee, but what is their job and what is the process?

The Search Committee is charged with finding the best candidate to serve our congregation as a called minister. The following … read more.

Mark Weber

Search Committee Candidate

Email address:

Background: Jewish Secular Committee, Joined First Unitarian Church 2003, Justice work in Colombia, A close friend of Nubs the barber.

Committees: Forum Committee, Lay Pastoral Care Team, Board of Trustees, Library Committee. ARE Committee. GCC Core Team. Merger Negotiating Committee. Worship … read more.

Meg Pauken

Search Committee Candidate


I have been a member of UUCC/First U since 2003/2004, along with my husband Kevin Ortner and my two daughters, Anna (18) and Betsy (20). I worked with a group of other parents of young children to found the … read more.