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The Search Process

You know the people on the slate to be voted on to form our Search Committee, but what is their job and what is the process?

The Search Committee is charged with finding the best candidate to serve our congregation as a called minister. The following … read more.

UUCC Search Committee Candidates

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is excited to announce our slate of candidates to serve on the Search Committee at UUCC! Click on their names below their photos to read their biographies.

These eleven people represent to most Most Trusted members of the congregation, based on … read more.

Search Announcement

Where we are

In the year since our reunification, everyone in the Congregation has been thinking about our future and many of us have been actively involved in planning and preparing for it. One of the issues identified by both pre-merger Congregations as well as our … read more.

Search FAQ

Search / Ministerial Path Forward Q&A

About Search

What is “Search”?
Search is the often used term to describe the ministerial discernment process and the process for finding new settled ministers for a Congregation. The general process is a period of Congregational evaluation (surveys, etc.), cottage meetings, creating … read more.