The Hawk

The monthly newsletter from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland.

Notes From Our Minister February 2021

Rev. Joe Cherry

Dear Members & Friends,

In November of 1956, after the Supreme Court decision striking down Montgomery, Alabama’s bus segregation laws, Dr. King reminded his audience, “Love your enemies. Keep in mind that a boycott and its achievements do not in themselves represent the goal. … read more.

Leadership Council Update February 2021

Meetings: 2020-12-17 and 2021-01-07

Items which were addressed by Leadership Council during our recent meetings:

The annual Auction will be remote again, possibly in April or May. This year Sharon Edmond may be the coordinator for the Auction with tasks done by volunteers. Some Auction items from … read more.

February Search News

Search Committee Update

Dear UUCC Members and Friends,

The Ministerial Search Committee is busy with all of the things you might imagine a search committee should be doing: reading, listening, meeting, calling, and yes–interviewing! We are in the process of working thoughtfully through the steps UUA requires … read more.

Musical Happenings February 2021

Hello UUCC members and friends,

One of my 2021 resolutions is to listen more completely – to friends and loved ones in conversation, to words of beauty and wisdom from great thinkers of the past and present…and of course, to music. All of us experience music … read more.