Virtual Community

UUCan Do University

The membership team will be offering how to/DIY workshops and videos on how to make, cook, grow or do a variety of things hosted by members and groups from our very congregation in our new virtual gathering space….UUCan Do University. An online interactive fellowship … read more.

Virtual Service: 5.17.20 Afro-Feminism

Intro with Music Under Explanation
Chalice Lighting
Call to Worship
Music Number – Come, Sing A Song with Me
Joys and Concerns
Unison Reading
Sweet Honey in the Rock, a history – Rev. Joe Cherry
Wayside Pulpit 1
Meditation – Hopi Prayer … read more.

Virtual Service: How would a Stoic Quarantine? 05.10.2020



Chalice Lighting — Katie Love

Welcome Message for Worship: Dr. Allan Georgia

Music: Love Will Guide Us

Joys and Concerns

Wayside Pulpit: Dr. Allan Georgia
“Wait, now who were the Stoics again??”

Music: Oh Mama Bakudala

Wisdom from the Global Scripture — Katie Love

Wayside Pulpit

Music … read more.

Virtual Service: Kent State 05.03.2020

Intro with Music


Chalice Lighting – Mark Weber

Call to Worship

Music Number 1: May Nothing Evil Cross This Door

Joys and Concerns

Unison Reading 1: The Legacy of Caring by the Rev. Dr. Thandeka

A Little Known Part of the Story, Mark Weber

Wayside Pulpit 1:From the Talmud

Another Little Known … read more.

2020 Annual Meeting: Be Counted!

Sunday, May 31 @ 12:30

All UUCC Members and Friends are encouraged to attend the 2020 Annual Meeting. Taking the time to be informed and engaged in the governance of your congregation is a way to uphold our 5th Principle:

The right of conscience … read more.

20-21 Budget Presentation

The Congregational Conversation about the 2020-21 UU Congregation of Cleveland Budget will be held on Sunday, May 3, 2020 at 12:30 PM.

The presentation will be held via Zoom and will be recorded and made available after the session. There will be opportunities for questions after … read more.

Virtual Service: Solidarity 04.26.2020


Welcome & Announcements

Chalice Lighting

Call to Worship

Music Number 1

Joys and Concernsl

Special Candle for Richard Wortman

Unison Reading 1 (Invite to read along)

Wayside Pulpit

Meditation: The First Hug After Rev. Joe Cherry

Music Number

MultiGen Focus: “Quarantine House” Dr. Allan Georgia


Music Number 3

Wisdom from the Global Scripture … read more.

Virtual Service: Celebrate Earth Day 04.19.2020

This week’s service is a joint production of:
UU Congregation of Cleveland
Foothills Unitarian, Fort Collins, CO
Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden


Community Time 

Sing: #1037 The Earth Is Our Mother 

Chalice Lighting –
Foothills Member Jonathan Farwell, reading Joy Harjo’s Eagle Poem

Reflection – Rev. Kristen 

Meditation and … read more.

Easter Service 04.12.2020

UUCC Easter Order of Service

Announcements & Stewardship – Mary Schatzman

Welcome – Pat Solomon, Worship Associate

Chalice Lighting – Rev. Joe Cherry

Call to Worship – Rev. Joe Cherry

Music Number 1 – Morning Has Broken

Joys and Concerns

Unison Reading 1 (please read along)

Raiders of the Gospel of Judas … read more.