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Sheltering God in the World

A sanctuary is a sacred place—one often used as a safe space for people. What if instead of a place, we ourselves embodied the charge of sanctuary and imagined a practice of sheltering God in the world by the way we engage with it?

What I Learned as a Halfback in Football

Join guest minister Reverend Keith Rasey as he explores seemingly diverse, yet interwoven lessons from his football playing days, inspiration from Matthew 5: 38-41, and even the bluegrass song, “Turn it Around” by Harry Chapin.

The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith

In this service we will wrestle with what it means to be a majority-white faith whose anti-racist intentions have not always been borne out. We invite you to witness this moment of transparency and join us on future Sundays for a more traditional worship service.

The Living Water

September is Suicide Prevention month, a time when we acknowledge the specter of suicide in our society while also strengthening our resolve to build a suicide resistant culture. Join us as we gather in hope and courage to bring love and wholeness.

Water Communion

This Sunday we gather together, from many summer adventures, as a congregation once again. Please join Rev. Rina, Rev. Joe and Peggy Lagodny as we take time to reconnect as a community through the ritual of Water Communion.

Utilizing Your Ministry

Often we underestimate our own abilities to affect the world around us. We say things like “I’m just a….” No one is “just a….” Join us this Sunday as we explore how the ordinary is actually extraordinary.

Old Stories

Our topic this week is Old Stories. We’ll consider what they are and what uses they might have for UUs. Regardless of your age, be prepared to feel younger when you leave.

Our Story

We’ve spent August exploring stories from the third person, to the first person and this week we’ll look at this collective story of ours that we are living right now. We will talk a little about Process Theology and Collective Story Creation this Sunday.

Your Story

What is the story you tell others about you? What is the narrative that you share in public places, that may be a little revealing, but mostly concealing, about your life? How does that story differ from what you think of as your actual story?