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Covenant is a Verb

What makes our community different from a group of neighbors gathering together? We covenant with one another. Looking back at 4,000 years of religious history, let’s explore what it means to be in covenant. And looking ahead at the years to come, let’s consider what … read more.

All Things Being Equal-ish

This Sunday we pause to pay attention to the turning of the seasons. With the Autumnal Equinox just days away, we’ll try to slow down the pace of our everyday lives and renew our covenant with Mother Earth.

Water Communion

Join us this Sunday for our Annual Water Communion, a ritual that celebrates our gathering together for a new church year. This year will be different, of course, as we continue to navigate the challenges of feeling our deep connection while maintaining our safe … read more.

Life is a Potpourri

As Unitarian Universalists we often say that we not only have strength in diversity, but that diversity is the source of our strength.  Join the worship team as we bring some of our favorite worship elements together in ways that may at first seem … read more.

Beloved Conversations

This service will be presented by leaders and participants in the “Beloved Conversations” racial justice workshops.

Ancient and Modern: Some Theories about Justice

Join us this week as we explore the philosophical school of  consequentialism and how its teachings can help us see our political and social quandaries today, with real life questions that Aristotle could not have anticipated.