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See No Stranger

What does it look like to be meaningful connected to others? Valerie Kaur suggests that we intentionally see everyone (and everything, really) as a part of ourselves that we are still getting to know. “Seeing no stranger begins in wonder. It is to look upon … read more.

Taming Your Shame Gremlin

Our summer theme is Connection. But something inside us often stands in the way of connection. That little voice that taunts us with fears that we are not good enough or worthy enough. We might call that little voice our shame gremlin. Maybe your shame gremlin … read more.

Brunch & General Assembly Livestream

Instead of our usual Sunday schedule, we’ll be connecting virtually with the largest annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists joined in worship. Worship will be livestreamed from General Assembly in Portland, Oregon, starting at 12:30PM Eastern Time. We still want to gather together with our … read more.

Memories of Abolition Day

Juneteenth celebrates the freedom of enslaved people in the United States at the end of the Civil War. For more than 150 years, Black communities across the country have observed this holiday. Yet the work of true freedom remains before us. This Sunday, we lift up the voices of visionary, future-bending Black storytellers and consider how speculative fiction helps us live into the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

Flower Ceremony

A ceremony innovated by Norbert Čapek for a specific spiritual community became a meaningful tradition for Unitarian Universalists everywhere. We bring flowers as sacred gifts to one another. Just as we bring our diverse talents and unique personalities into community with one another as heartfelt gifts. We celebrate this special ceremony on the East Lawn. (Please bring your own chair!)

Installation Service of the Rev. Dr. Randy Partain

What is an Installation Ceremony? It’s kind of like a minister’s ordination, with one big difference. At an ordination, a congregation affirms “You are a minister!” At an installation ceremony, a congregation affirms, “You are our minister!” Join us for this special occasion where we jointly affirm our shared ministry with one another.

Sacred Kinship

We might have all sorts of reactions to the idea of family. Sometimes our relationships with blood relatives are… complicated. But many of us also claim chosen family. Maybe we say we have found our “tribe.” In a certain sense, we adopt one another. What are the commitments on our part that allow that sacred kinship to flourish?

The Rest of the Mountain

There are moments in our journey—as individuals and as communties—when we reach a place of comfort and relative safety. For some, it can be tempting to stay in that comfortable place. And yet, the journey is not done. The world does not yet reflect the wholeness we envision. Our lives may fall short of wholeness and well-being, too. What does the rest of the journey look like? And how do we sustainably engage in that climb?