Speaker: Rev. Dr. Randy Partain

They Are With Us Still

We invite you to bring a photo or memento of those you wish to honor or memorialize to place on our community table of remembrance. 

In many ways, our ancestors remain with us. They live on through the legacy of our lives. We might say … read more.

Put This Song on Replay

We all have some habits and routines. We probably do a lot of things without really thinking. We just do what we’ve grown accustomed to doing. Sometimes, though, our habits and routines outlive their usefulness. We might recognize places where we want to grow or change. Cultivating … read more.

Permission Granted

As we recognize the importance of Coming Out Day (October 11), we also take time to consider how we show up in our various relationships. Are we honest and authentic about what we need and what we have to offer? Do we put on masks … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

We welcome a variety of species into worship as we take time to focus on our meaningful relationships with other animals. In many traditions, blessing someone or something imparts divine power or life. We recognize blessing the non-human animals in our lives as more than a casual … read more.

Whose House Are You Living In?

We often live in houses we didn’t build. We often seek belonging in communities we didn’t create. Maybe we wonder why things are done a certain way. Maybe we assume someone had a good reason and leave it at that. Sometimes, we live like we’re … read more.


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As we cross this threshold of the church year, we bring water to symbolically represent our various journeys. As we pour our individual waters into a common vessel, we acknowledge that … read more.

A UU Guide to Epic Road Trips

Have you ever taken a road trip with other people? How did you decide where to stop for lunch? Or what music to listen to? Did you set some rules ahead of time, or realize some challenging boundaries mid-way through the journey? We could look at our community as being on a bit of a road trip together. We’re on a journey toward something none of us could create on our own. We have a vision for where we want to go. How do we journey together in a way that honors one another and our Unitarian Universalist identity?

Director’s Cut

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You might have watched a film that proudly proclaimed it was the “director’s cut.” Some scenes have been kept that didn’t make it to the theater version. Or maybe we’ve watched “deleted scenes” from a film, to … read more.


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In many cultures, sacred places are protected by guardian statues. Nio guardians, like the one depicted in this photo by Irene Coll Ingles, stand at the entrance of many Buddhist temples. Gargoyles on Gothic cathedrals are also guardians of … read more.